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Request for feedback on DRAFT inspection standard

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The Paraglider Manufacturers Association has released the PMA Research Paper / DRAFT PMA Standard “Periodical Inspection of Paragliders”.

This DRAFT standard specifies uniform instructions and criteria to assess the airworthiness of a used paraglider.

Request for feedback: The PMA is publishing this DRAFT PMA standard in order to collect feedback from paragliding inspection companies, paraglider manufacturers, and other qualified entities. Please send your feedback to feedback-inspection-standard (at), using the feedback forms provided in the document.

Please note: This DRAFT PMA standard is published for research purposes only. The inspection criteria laid out in this document may only be used in order to provide feedback to its authors towards a possible future PMA standard. Throughout this document, any reference to a standard is a reference to a DRAFT standard in its current form as a research paper. In its current form, this DRAFT PMA standard is non-binding and has no legal basis.

Through its standard documents, the PMA is setting technical standards for the paragliding industry in areas which are not, or only vaguely covered by existing norms and regulations, with the intention of improving the safety of paragliding equipment via industry wide minimum standards.

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