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PMA Working Groups

The PMA’s focus on advancing the paragaliding sport is represented in its working groups with a focus on technical topis. By means of these working groups, the PMA is setting technical standards for the paragliding industry in areas which are not or only vagely covered by existing norms and standards – with the intention of improving the safety of paragliding equipment via industry wide minimum standards

Each working group harnesses the expertise of the PMA’s member organizations as well as of key external experts towards the creation of new, improved, and constantly evolving technical directives in carefully selected areas.

“With it’s ongoing pursuit of standardization, the PMA will positively impact the safety of the sport.”

PMA Board of Directors

Active Working Groups

Currently, there are three technical working groups active within the PMA:

  • WG 01/2023: Connecting Elements
  • WG 02/2023: Checks and Inspection
  • WG 03/2023: Material Changes

Each working group bundles the expertise of the PMA’s member organizations as well as of key external experts towards the creation of new and improved technical standards in carefully curated areas.

The PMA standards evolve over time. For feedback on PMA standards or questions regarding the working groups’ activities, the working groups can be reached via the PMA’s general email address:

WG Connecting Elements

This working group defines requirements and test methods for continuous vibration and structural strength of metallic and textile fasteners. The first version of the corresponding standard “PMA Standard – Connecting Elements for Paragliders” can be found at the PMA Documents page. It provides minimum standards and will evolve over time.

WG Checks and Inspection

In this working group, the PMA is developing minimum standards and checking procedures for the inspection of paragliders. This includes the standardization of limiting values, e. g., for line strength or porosity measurements. The corresponding standard “PMA Standard – Periodical Inspection of Paragliders” is currently in review by the PMA members.

WG Material Changes

This working group focuses on the definition of standards and requirements with respect to interchanging materials in the production process of paragliders.

“We will continue to focus our resources on key topics which will bring the sport and the industry forward.”

Laurent Chiabaut, PMA President