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1st PMA standard released!

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Today, the Paraglider Manufacturers Association relesases its first standard “Connecting elements for paragliding”, to all maket participants and to the general public.

This standard defines requirements and test methods for continuous vibration and structural strenght of metallic and textile fasteners.

The PMA and its members, encourage all equipment manufacturers and other market participants to apply this standard to their own products and processes, as well to work with their respective suppliers to ensure that the minimum standards laid out in this standard are being met.

This standard was developped by the members of the PMA in cooperation with independent experts over 2 years. It is intented to evolve over time in order to continuously increase the safety of paragliding equipment. Therefore, feedback from all market participants is explicitly welcome.

Through its standard documents, the PMA is setting technical standards for the paragliding industry in areas which are not, or only vaguely covered by existing norms and regulations, with the intention of improving the safety of paragliding equipment via industry wirde minimum standards.

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