New CIVL/EN CC Competition Class

The new CIVL/EN CC (competition class) with speed and aspect ratio limited gliders will be valid from 2015 only and not 2014 as proposed by the PMA and the test houses!

This compromise was not what the PMA wanted and the PMA especially expressed that if technical limits of speed and aspect ratio are regarded as being necessary, they should be introduced as early as possible to help the fairness in competition, the safety of all pilots and the safety of the test pilots. And just as importantly because all experts do agree that competition gliders are not suited to the current EN testing regime.

Despite all the work and effort the PMA and other qualified experts have invested to help in the creation of this new competition class, the result is not what the PMA wanted. It means new competition gliders without technical limits will now be designed for the next two seasons. If the new CIVL/EN Competition Class would have been valid from 2014 onwards, the manufacturers would have concentrated instead on designing the next generation of competition gliders following this new CIVL EN/CC.