On 5 December 2017, after a number of years, a direct meeting with the 3 accredited test houses will take place on the invitation of the PMA Executive Board at Bregenz.
The participants want to share their experiences regarding the accreditation...

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Protocol - AGM PMA - September 21 2017 in St. Hilaire, France

The original version has been made in german language – this is only a translation of the original version.

Start 10:30

Present: Simon Campiche (Advance), Hannes Papesh (Phi), Bruce...

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Guido Reusch, Color photo

The PMA has elected Guido Reusch to succeed Hans Bausenwein as new secretary at the annual meeting in St. Hilaire .
The PMA members are thanking the long-standing CEO Hans Bausenwein for his work and dedication.

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